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Update - Deadline for Submissions in Response to the Draft Report

The Panel’s nominal closing date for submissions on its Draft Report is Friday 17 February 2012. This deadline was set in order to allow sufficient time to consider and incorporate views and feedback into the Final Report, which is due to the Parliament by 31 March 2012.

A number of stakeholders have made contact with the Panel indicating that they would like to make a submission but that they are unlikely to be able to meet the deadline. Consistent with its approach throughout the Review, the Panel confirms that it will continue to accept submissions from interested parties up until the conclusion of the Review. However, stakeholders who intend to make submissions after 17 February should contact the Panel Secretariat by phoning 03 6232 7123 or by emailing Lisa.Austin@dpac.tas.gov.au to make alternative arrangements as soon as practicable.

Given the clear time pressures, the later submissions are received the less likely it is that the Panel will be able to thoroughly consider their content in framing up its Final Report. For this reason, the Panel continues to encourage stakeholders to provide their submissions to the Panel as early as possible, and thanks those parties who have already provided their submissions.

Submissions on discussion paper

The following submissions were received in response to the discussion papers published by the Panel in April 2011:

Please note that for legal reasons, it may not be possible to publish all submissions received by the Panel and that publication on the website remains entirely at the discretion of the Panel.

Statement of approach

Submissions received in response to the Panel's Statement of Approach are available on the Statement of Approach page.

Community Consultations

Submissions received in response to the Community Consultations held by the Panel in April 2011 can be viewed on the Community Consultation page.

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