Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel | Publications


The Panel has published the following papers in the course of its review of Tasmania's electricity industry:

Technical Parameters of the Tasmanian Electricity Supply System (PDF File, 780.3 KB)
Published on 16 Jan 2012

Issues Paper (PDF File, 770.6 KB)
Published on 24 Jun 2011

The evolution of Tasmania's energy sector - discussion paper (PDF File, 391.6 KB)
Published on 15 Apr 2011

Tasmania's energy sector - an overview - discussion paper (PDF File, 1.5 MB)
Published on 15 Apr 2011

Tasmania's electricity pricing trends - discussion paper (PDF File, 679.1 KB)
Published on 15 Apr 2011

Response to Statement of Approach (PDF File, 129.1 KB)
Published on 05 Apr 2011

Statement of Approach (PDF File, 81.0 KB)
Published on 16 Dec 2010

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