Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel | Panel members

Panel members

The Panel is made up of three experts in the electricity industry, all of whom have extensive high-level experience in the field.

John Pierce

John Pierce - Panel Chair

Mr Pierce was appointed as the chairman of the Australian Electricity Markets Commission in June 2010. He has previously been the Secretary of the Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism; Secretary of the New South Wales Treasury; and chief economist at Pacific Power.

John Tamblyn

Dr John Tamblyn

Dr Tamblyn recently retired as the Chairman of the Australian Electricity Markets Commission. He has had an extensive career in the regulation of public utility services, including positions as Chairman of the Essential Services Commission (Victoria) and Regulator General (Victoria). He has also held senior positions in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Jerome Fahrer

Dr Jerome Fahrer

Dr Fahrer is the head of the Allen Consulting Group's competition and regulation economic evaluation services. He also works as an advisor to business and government on regulation of water, gas, electricity, financial and telecommunications markets. Dr Fahrer is currently a member of the Appeal Panel Pool of the Essential Services Commission of Victoria and an Associate Professor at the Centre for Business and Public Policy at the Melbourne Business School.

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