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Next steps for Expert Panel

The Chair of the Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel, Mr John Pierce, said today that the Panel would be embarking on a new round of community consultation over the coming weeks.

“Our first round of consultation was on the broad direction of the Review –our interpretation of the Terms of Reference and how we are planning on conducting it. Now that we have settled the broad boundaries of the Review, the Panel is keen to meet with the community to discuss specific issues that they believe we should be examining”, Mr Pierce said.

Mr Pierce said that the Panel’s formal response to submissions on the Statement of Approach was now available on its website.

“As well as summarising and addressing key themes raised by stakeholders, the response document outlines the Panel’s updated timelines and milestones, including the delivery of our Final Report by December 2011”, Mr Pierce said.

Mr Pierce said that the Panel’s next round of consultation would be underpinned by Community Hearings and the release of a series of Discussion Papers, rather than a formal submission process.

He said that the Panel will hold two hearings – one in Hobart on Tuesday 19 April 2011 and another in Launceston on Wednesday 20 April 2011.

Mr Pierce said that the three Discussion Papers – to be released over the coming days - were designed to be generally factual in nature and to inform to stakeholder discussions at the Hearings.

“I would encourage all members of the community with an interest in the future direction of Tasmania’s electricity industry to take the opportunity to take a look at the Discussion Papers and come along to have their say at one of our Community Hearings. We are particularly interested in hearing about the issues the community consider the Panel should be canvassing in our Issues Paper”, he said.

Mr Pierce said that while the Hearings would be open to the public, the Panel has requested that attendees register on the Panel’s website by Friday 15 April 2011 if they wish to directly address the Panel at one of the Hearings.

In addition to information gathered from interested parties at the Hearings, the Panel will also accept material provided to it outside of the Hearings to inform the development of its Issues Paper, up until 6 May 2011.

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