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Reviewing Tasmania's electricity industry

Aurora workers

The Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel Act 2010 establishes an independent Panel to conduct an investigation into, and provide guidance to Parliament on, the current position and future development of Tasmania’s electricity industry. The terms of reference for the Panel require it to investigate and report on:

  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry;
  • the primary factors that have driven changes in electricity prices in Tasmania, including the impact of major infrastructure decisions;
  • the financial position of the thee state-owned electricity businesses;
  • the implication of national developments and Tasmanian-specific circumstances on the future of electricity prices;
  • actions that would guide and inform the development of a Tasmanian Energy Strategy; and
  • the advice that was provided to the State Government by the senior management or Directors of Aurora Energy from 1 October 2009 to 16 June 2010.

The Panel’s processes will be consultative, seeking input from the community and key stakeholders at various key milestones. It anticipates several opportunities for submissions and will hold public forums at key milestones.

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