Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel | Final report

Final report

Report cover

On 29 March 2012, the Panel handed its Final Report to the Treasurer and the Minister for Energy. The Final Report provides the Expert Panel’s conclusive findings of its investigation of its Terms of Reference and, most importantly, contains the Panel’s recommendations on actions to inform the development of a new Tasmanian Energy Strategy.

At the centre of the Final Report is a structural reform package designed to facilitate genuine and enduring retail competition for Tasmanian electricity customers. The Report also makes recommendations on several priority issues that the Panel considers require immediate attention, independent of the structural reform package, including: amending the regulatory framework that is used to set small business and household electricity prices; addressing the unsustainable commercial position of the Tamar Valley Power Station; and improving the oversight and reporting arrangements that apply to the State-owned energy businesses. Finally, the Report presents the Panel’s findings from its review of the recent historical performance of the Tasmanian electricity supply industry.

The Final Report has been tabled in the Tasmanian Parliament and is available for download below:

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