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Community consultation

On 15 December 2011, the Expert Panel released its Draft Final Report for public consultation.

The Draft Report contains the Panel’s findings and recommendations for actions to inform the development of an energy strategy. These have been developed on the basis of information made available to the Panel, particularly through its information gathering powers, and also through interactions with stakeholders. Much of the Panel’s thinking has been guided by analysis undertaken by the Secretariat and the Panel’s financial, economic and technical advisors.

The Panel remains open to additional information and evidence being provided to further develop and refine its understanding of the material issues that have given rise to the current position of the Tasmanian energy sector, particularly where there is a connection to the potential reform paths.

The Panel places a particular importance of gathering feedback and input on the reform paths - both the structural reform elements associated with the competitive market segments and in relation to governance. Both are important in shaping the future of the Tasmanian energy sector.

The two key steps for garnering this input are:

  • A public hearing, which will be held in Hobart on 2 February 2012;
  • Written submissions to the Panel by 17 February 2012.

Public hearings

On 2 February 2012 the Electricity Supply Industry Expert Panel held a half-day public hearing at the Salamanca Inn, Hobart. The key aim of the hearing was to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to engage directly with the Panel and to provide feedback on its key findings and recommendations contained in its Draft Report, which was released on 15 December 2011 for public consultation. The Panel wishes to extend its thanks to all those who came along and participated at the hearing.

Provided below are links to the hearing agenda, a list of registered attendees, a Summary of Proceedings and the slides from the presentations used on the day.

Hearing papers

Hearing presentations

Please note that for legal reasons, it may not be possible to publish all submissions received by the Panel and that publication on the website remains entirely at the discretion of the Panel.

Previous consultations

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